Our Blood

Rogate, Sussex, England



Latitude: 51.0080859, Longitude: -0.8506756


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Digons, Margereye  1540Rogate, Sussex, England I8992
2 Goldring, Alice  Abt 1584Rogate, Sussex, England I2557
3 Goldring, Arthur  Abt 1608Rogate, Sussex, England I8219
4 Goldring, Christopher  1649Rogate, Sussex, England I10735
5 Goldring, Frances  2 Aug 1630Rogate, Sussex, England I5638
6 Goldring, Joane  Abt 1572Rogate, Sussex, England I10418
7 Goldring, John  1540Rogate, Sussex, England I1208
8 Goldring, John  Abt 1578Rogate, Sussex, England I4043
9 Goldring, JOHN  1650Rogate, Sussex, England I6897
10 Goldring, John  1686Rogate, Sussex, England I8594
11 Goldring, Margaret  Abt 1614Rogate, Sussex, England I2886
12 Goldring, Richard  23 Nov 1617Rogate, Sussex, England I2182
13 Goldring, Richard  19 Oct 1675Rogate, Sussex, England I8294
14 Goldring, Sarah  21 Nov 1673Rogate, Sussex, England I5671
15 Goldring, Thomas  Abt 1580Rogate, Sussex, England I5464
16 Goldring, Thomas  Abt 1645Rogate, Sussex, England I7975
17 Streten, Mary  1615Rogate, Sussex, England I8293
18 Tiller, Elizabeth  Abt 1789Rogate, Sussex, England I10156
19 Tipper, Charles  Abt 1793Rogate, Sussex, England I1857
20 Tipper, George  Abt 1803Rogate, Sussex, England I3313
21 Tipper, James  24 Mar 1815Rogate, Sussex, England I10605
22 Tipper, James Charles  1 Nov 1782Rogate, Sussex, England I9759
23 Tipper, Mary  Abt 1795Rogate, Sussex, England I4255
24 Tipper, Sarah  4 Sep 1791Rogate, Sussex, England I10059
25 Tipper, Thomas  Abt 1787Rogate, Sussex, England I5810
26 Tipper, William  1702Rogate, Sussex, England I8092
27 Tipper, William  12 Nov 1784Rogate, Sussex, England I1838
28 Todman, Mary  Abt 1650Rogate, Sussex, England I2458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Goldring, Alice  26 Apr 1584Rogate, Sussex, England I2557
2 Goldring, Christopher  1652Rogate, Sussex, England I10735
3 Goldring, Elizabeth  20 Feb 1834Rogate, Sussex, England I5210
4 Goldring, George  Abt 1703Rogate, Sussex, England I8649
5 Goldring, JOHN  1703Rogate, Sussex, England I6897
6 Goldring, Richard  Rogate, Sussex, England I8598
7 Goldring, Sarah  18 May 1684Rogate, Sussex, England I5671
8 Goldring, Thomas  Abt 1583Rogate, Sussex, England I5464
9 Tipper, George  11 Jun 1860Rogate, Sussex, England I3313
10 Tipper, James  26 Jun 1821Rogate, Sussex, England I1640
11 Tipper, James Charles  1841Rogate, Sussex, England I9759
12 Tipper, Sarah  15 Apr 1864Rogate, Sussex, England I10059
13 Tipper, William  13 Jul 1869Rogate, Sussex, England I1838


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Goldring, Alice  19 Apr 1584Rogate, Sussex, England I2557
2 Goldring, John  17 May 1578Rogate, Sussex, England I4043
3 Goldring, Richard  23 Nov 1617Rogate, Sussex, England I2182


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Tipper, James  5 Feb 1772Rogate, Sussex, England I1640
2 Tipper, James  1820Rogate, Sussex, England I1640