Our Blood

Derbyshire, England



Latitude: 53.0259, Longitude: -1.4911


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 -, Barbara  1702Derbyshire, England I1962
2 -, Elizabeth  Abt 1745Derbyshire, England I9034
3 -, Elizabeth  Abt 1761Derbyshire, England I1276
4 Ardin, Mary  Abt 1670Derbyshire, England I9636
5 Barker, William  Abt 1831Derbyshire, England I4813
6 Beresford, George Martin  Apr 1896Derbyshire, England I10850
7 Brigges, Timothy  Abt 1781Derbyshire, England I447
8 Brown, William  Abt 1879Derbyshire, England I10493
9 Caudwell, William  1800Derbyshire, England I9639
10 Dakin, Elizabeth  1655Derbyshire, England I2646
11 Draper, Emily  Mar 1869Derbyshire, England I5606
12 Draper, William  1867Derbyshire, England I5605
13 Edlin, Robert  1702Derbyshire, England I1961
14 Edlin, Robert  1722Derbyshire, England I1959
15 Fisher, Bertha  Abt 1871Derbyshire, England I8681
16 Fisher, John W.  Abt 1868Derbyshire, England I8680
17 Ford, Ruth  1877Derbyshire, England I9699
18 Fox, Thomas  Abt 1773Derbyshire, England I2655
19 Glover, William  Abt 1858Derbyshire, England I5912
20 Greaves, Edward  1725Derbyshire, England I2654
21 Green, Samuel  1840Derbyshire, England I3598
22 Hill, Deborah  1725Derbyshire, England I2653
23 Hill, Elizabeth  1721Derbyshire, England I9259
24 Hill, George  1723Derbyshire, England I9258
25 Hill, Robert  1731Derbyshire, England I9260
26 Hill, Selina  1 Jul 1852Derbyshire, England I11012
27 Hill, William  1664Derbyshire, England I9635
28 Jepson, John  Abt 1870Derbyshire, England I6269
29 McPherson, Alexander John W  1889Derbyshire, England I10757
30 Newby, Mary  Abt 1832Derbyshire, England I3937
31 Roe, John  Abt 1698Derbyshire, England I2485
32 Roe, Richard  1600Derbyshire, England I218
33 Roe, Thomas  Abt 1690Derbyshire, England I2482
34 Rowland, Hannah  1770Derbyshire, England I3286
35 Stanley, -  Abt 1640Derbyshire, England I8897
36 Stanley, Deborah  1690Derbyshire, England I8898
37 Thompson, Frederick Arthur  1876Derbyshire, England I8068
38 Thompson, Stephen William  1859Derbyshire, England I5507
39 Toplis, Mary  1702Derbyshire, England I10486
40 Whitaker, John  1792Derbyshire, England I1702
41 Willoughby, Mary Ann  Abt 1813Derbyshire, England I2546


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allison, Henry  Jul 1895Derbyshire, England I1017
2 Beall, Joseph  Mar 1878Derbyshire, England I2208
3 Etchells, Jane  Abt 1892Derbyshire, England I3938
4 Hallows, Fred  Jun 1977Derbyshire, England I9614
5 Hill, Mary  Sep 1905Derbyshire, England I8622
6 Hill, Robert  1851Derbyshire, England I8749
7 Lea, Audrey Elsie  May 2000Derbyshire, England I7049
8 Lees, William  Jan 1873Derbyshire, England I2170
9 Marriott, George  18 Sep 1886Derbyshire, England I1952
10 Marriott, Joseph  13 Apr 1866Derbyshire, England I1882
11 Marsh, Oscar  5 May 1912Derbyshire, England I1935
12 Pendleton, John  Sep 1913Derbyshire, England I2971
13 Potts, Issacher  17 Dec 1923Derbyshire, England I10856


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bridge, Ann  Abt 1811Derbyshire, England I7908
2 Fox, Samuel  Abt 1806Derbyshire, England I2657
3 Haslehurst, William  Abt 1786Derbyshire, England I2625


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 -, Fanny  1861Derbyshire, England I5512
2 Allison, Sarah  Derbyshire, England I5847
3 Annabel, John William  1901Derbyshire, England I11109
4 Annabel, John William  2 Apr 1911Derbyshire, England I11109
5 Barlow, Frances Elizabeth  Derbyshire, England I10799
6 Beresford, George Richard  1891Derbyshire, England I3623
7 Chadbourne, Thomas  Derbyshire, England I10796
8 Chadbourne, Thomas  1939Derbyshire, England I10798
9 Comery, Dennis  1939Derbyshire, England I8218
10 Comery, Douglas  1939Derbyshire, England I8208
11 Comery, Frederick Albert  1939Derbyshire, England I8212
12 Comery, Geroge W H  1939Derbyshire, England I8215
13 Comery, Henry Harrison  1939Derbyshire, England I8213
14 Hage, Rose Hannah  1901Derbyshire, England I7083
15 Hage, Rose Hannah  2 Apr 1911Derbyshire, England I7083
16 Hawley, Sarah Ann  1939Derbyshire, England I8214
17 Henry, Irene Eva  1939Derbyshire, England I9890
18 Hill, Charlotte Ada  2 Apr 1911Derbyshire, England I11022
19 Knight, Paul Slade  1828Derbyshire, England I1850
20 Knight, Paul Slade  1829Derbyshire, England I1850
21 Marsh, Edith Annie  1891Derbyshire, England I10837
22 Thompson, Frederick  1861Derbyshire, England I5110
23 Thompson, George Henry  1861Derbyshire, England I5508
24 Thompson, Joseph Godber  1861Derbyshire, England I5511
25 Thompson, Stephen William  1861Derbyshire, England I5507