Our Blood

Nottinghamshire, England



Latitude: 53.2061, Longitude: -0.7796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 -, Emma  Abt 1836Nottinghamshire, England I5723
2 -, Mary  Abt 1814Nottinghamshire, England I9697
3 Allsop, William  Abt 1826Nottinghamshire, England I7315
4 Annabel, John William  25 Mar 1869Nottinghamshire, England I11109
5 Annabel, Julia  5 Jun 1861Nottinghamshire, England I9320
6 Annabel, Mary Ann  28 Apr 1853Nottinghamshire, England I6440
7 Archer, Alfred  Abt 1849Nottinghamshire, England I9700
8 Archer, Emily  Abt 1855Nottinghamshire, England I9701
9 Archer, Henry  Abt 1815Nottinghamshire, England I9696
10 Archer, Mary A  Abt 1837Nottinghamshire, England I9702
11 Barlow, Henry  Abt 1869Nottinghamshire, England I3555
12 Barlow, Lillian Mary  Oct 1887Nottinghamshire, England I6399
13 Barlow, Rose Adeline  Oct 1889Nottinghamshire, England I4749
14 Bennett, William  1878Nottinghamshire, England I4353
15 Blear, Elizabeth  Abt 1776Nottinghamshire, England I7592
16 Bradley, Benjamin  14 Feb 1888Nottinghamshire, England I6684
17 Bradley, Charles Alderman  3 Mar 1890Nottinghamshire, England I814
18 Bradley, Mary Ann Doggett  Abt 1886Nottinghamshire, England I7580
19 Brewin, Evelyn M  Abt 1877Nottinghamshire, England I9000
20 Brewin, Harold  Abt 1887Nottinghamshire, England I1563
21 Brewin, Harold  Abt 1887Nottinghamshire, England I7434
22 Brewin, Mabel  Abt 1884Nottinghamshire, England I6285
23 Brewin, Percy E  Abt 1875Nottinghamshire, England I9001
24 Caler, Mary  5 Nov 1774Nottinghamshire, England I3156
25 Cassidy, Samuel  2 Dec 1907Nottinghamshire, England I8580
26 Caudwell, Patience  Abt 1827Nottinghamshire, England I9627
27 Chadbourne, Ethel  3 Jan 1899Nottinghamshire, England I6801
28 Comery, Alfred Samuel  15 Jun 1821Nottinghamshire, England I7404
29 Cullenbine, Elizabeth  1747Nottinghamshire, England I6215
30 Davenport, Catherine  1782Nottinghamshire, England I6649
31 Denton, Catherine  Abt 1714Nottinghamshire, England I8867
32 Evans, Leslie Roderick  1917Nottinghamshire, England I9123
33 Fell, John  12 Jun 1793Nottinghamshire, England I4458
34 Fell, Marshall  1732Nottinghamshire, England I2632
35 Fell, Marshall  Abt 1835Nottinghamshire, England I1228
36 Fell, Marshall  Abt 1855Nottinghamshire, England I961
37 Fells, Elizabeth  1782Nottinghamshire, England I2633
38 Fells, Hannah  Abt 1782Nottinghamshire, England I2626
39 Flint, Elizabeth  Apr 1871Nottinghamshire, England I6393
40 Flint, Henry  Abt 1848Nottinghamshire, England I2609
41 Godward, Ann  Dec 1842Nottinghamshire, England I9692
42 Godward, Eliza  1835Nottinghamshire, England I9687
43 Godward, Rachel  Dec 1843Nottinghamshire, England I9691
44 Godward, Richard  1826Nottinghamshire, England I9694
45 Hazelhurst, Mary  1823Nottinghamshire, England I262
46 Hill, Grace  1811Nottinghamshire, England I10300
47 Hill, John  22 Feb 1667Nottinghamshire, England I10343
48 Hill, Jonathon  1811Nottinghamshire, England I230
49 Hill, Patience  Oct 1852Nottinghamshire, England I4710
50 Hutchinson, Rose  Abt 1902Nottinghamshire, England I357

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Sarah Alice  Dec 1931Nottinghamshire, England I3557
2 Becket, Elizabeth  Jul 1897Nottinghamshire, England I1677
3 Blythe, George  19 Nov 1869Nottinghamshire, England I9411
4 Bramley, Elizabeth  28 Dec 1795Nottinghamshire, England I10162
5 Bramley, Thomas  Nottinghamshire, England I9489
6 Brindley, Barbara Doreen  10 Sep 2000Nottinghamshire, England I6293
7 Brindley, Laurence Howard  Abt 2014Nottinghamshire, England I2471
8 Brough, Mary Ann  Dec 1887Nottinghamshire, England I1295
9 Cartwright, Elizabeth Ann  Jan 1891Nottinghamshire, England I10509
10 Davenport, Catherine  8 Oct 1840Nottinghamshire, England I6649
11 Draper, Mary  5 Feb 1931Nottinghamshire, England I6636
12 Dring, John  24 Apr 1861Nottinghamshire, England I440
13 Fell, Marshall  Dec 1815Nottinghamshire, England I2632
14 Fell, Marshall  Jul 1876Nottinghamshire, England I1228
15 Fell, Marshall  1908Nottinghamshire, England I961
16 Fell, Sarah  Apr 1873Nottinghamshire, England I1227
17 Godward, Eliza  Dec 1871Nottinghamshire, England I9687
18 Godward, Richard  Dec 1907Nottinghamshire, England I9694
19 Haddock, Herbert  Mar 1905Nottinghamshire, England I9764
20 Hansen, Elizabeth  Oct 1904Nottinghamshire, England I3336
21 Hazlehurst, William  Apr 1907Nottinghamshire, England I264
22 Hill, Allick  Jul 1893Nottinghamshire, England I7008
23 Hill, Benjamin  Jan 1874Nottinghamshire, England I10623
24 Hill, Eliza  1926Nottinghamshire, England I2794
25 Hill, Elizabeth  Oct 1903Nottinghamshire, England I10633
26 Hill, Elsie Alma  Mar 1988Nottinghamshire, England I2143
27 Hill, John Richard  Nov 1986Nottinghamshire, England I6651
28 Hill, William  30 Oct 1894Nottinghamshire, England I11024
29 Holland, Caroline Betsy  20 Feb 1953Nottinghamshire, England I1685
30 Hornbuckle, Bertha Daisy  23 Jul 1945Nottinghamshire, England I8035
31 Hornbuckle, Wilfred  22 Oct 1959Nottinghamshire, England I8026
32 Jarvis, Benjamin  Apr 1904Nottinghamshire, England I2078
33 Jepson, Elsie  20 Apr 1901Nottinghamshire, England I1481
34 Levers, Benjamin  Dec 1839Nottinghamshire, England I367
35 Levers, Samuel  17 Apr 1776Nottinghamshire, England I1956
36 Lowe, Annie  Jun 1978Nottinghamshire, England I6944
37 Marsh, James  Oct 1880Nottinghamshire, England I3581
38 Marsh, John  10 Jan 1903Nottinghamshire, England I1939
39 Moreton, Clara Martha  Nov 1994Nottinghamshire, England I6332
40 Musson, Francis  Oct 1871Nottinghamshire, England I3372
41 Musson, Monica  Sep 2007Nottinghamshire, England I8760
42 Orton, Arthur Edwin  Aug 1874Nottinghamshire, England I8933
43 Orton, Clara  Aug 1873Nottinghamshire, England I8934
44 Orton, Ellen  Dec 1867Nottinghamshire, England I10090
45 Orton, John  22 Feb 1902Nottinghamshire, England I8931
46 Orton, Joseph  1907Nottinghamshire, England I9658
47 Orton, Reuben Henry  1 Dec 1912Nottinghamshire, England I8929
48 Orton, Rose  1903Nottinghamshire, England I8930
49 Orton, Thomas  1882Nottinghamshire, England I8928
50 Orton, William Angliss  1897Nottinghamshire, England I170

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Berridge, Alice Esther  19 Apr 1966Nottinghamshire, England I2967
2 Boyson, Thomas William  8 Mar 1976Nottinghamshire, England I5298
3 Brindley, Barbara Doreen  18 Sep 2000Nottinghamshire, England I6293
4 Jack, Philip Anthony  10 Nov 2006Nottinghamshire, England I4604
5 Pearson, Evelyn  24 Jan 1996Nottinghamshire, England I2606
6 Richardson, Henrietta  27 May 1966Nottinghamshire, England I8367
7 Savage, George Arthur  9 Oct 1998Nottinghamshire, England I2975
8 Savage, Harold Alec  3 Dec 1981Nottinghamshire, England I2974
9 Stevens, Ethel Janette  24 Nov 1995Nottinghamshire, England I2470
10 Towers, Edwin  18 Jan 1982Nottinghamshire, England I6294
11 Wheeldon, Herbert William  16 May 1969Nottinghamshire, England I10661


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Annabel, Mary Ann  22 May 1853Nottinghamshire, England I6440
2 Fell, Elizabeth  31 Aug 1788Nottinghamshire, England I804
3 Fells, Hannah  24 Jul 1784Nottinghamshire, England I2626
4 Taylor, Ann  17 Jul 1741Nottinghamshire, England I491
5 Taylor, Branston  20 Aug 1744Nottinghamshire, England I618
6 Taylor, Joshua  17 Jul 1741Nottinghamshire, England I555
7 Taylor, Mary  30 Nov 1739Nottinghamshire, England I434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allsop, Allick Hill  1841Nottinghamshire, England I10636
2 Annabel, Mary Ann  28 Apr 1853Nottinghamshire, England I6440


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Annabel, Mary Ann  1881Nottinghamshire, England I6440
2 Barlow, Frances Elizabeth  1881Nottinghamshire, England I10799


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Caudwell, Charles Thomas  4 Feb 1893Nottinghamshire, England I5758
2 Fell, Elizabeth  Apr 1874Nottinghamshire, England I804
3 Haddock, Herbert  Jan 1905Nottinghamshire, England I9764
4 Hill, Elsie Alma  Mar 1988Nottinghamshire, England I2143


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 -, Harriet  1861Nottinghamshire, England I4753
2 -, Mary  1861Nottinghamshire, England I9697
3 -, Sarah  1851Nottinghamshire, England I966
4 Annabel, Elizabeth  1861Nottinghamshire, England I6403
5 Annabel, Elizabeth  1881Nottinghamshire, England I6403
6 Annabel, John William  1871Nottinghamshire, England I11109
7 Annabel, John William  1881Nottinghamshire, England I11109
8 Annabel, Julia  1871Nottinghamshire, England I9320
9 Annabel, Julia  1881Nottinghamshire, England I9320
10 Annabel, Mary Ann  1861Nottinghamshire, England I6440
11 Annabel, Mary Ann  1871Nottinghamshire, England I6440
12 Annabel, Mary Ann  1881Nottinghamshire, England I6440
13 Annabel, Mary Ann  1891Nottinghamshire, England I6440
14 Annabel, Mary Ann  1901Nottinghamshire, England I6440
15 Archer, Alfred  1861Nottinghamshire, England I9700
16 Archer, Eliza  1861Nottinghamshire, England I9703
17 Archer, Emily  1861Nottinghamshire, England I9701
18 Archer, Henry  1861Nottinghamshire, England I9696
19 Archer, Mary A  1861Nottinghamshire, England I9702
20 Barker, Benjamin  1871Nottinghamshire, England I6401
21 Barlow, Anne  1871Nottinghamshire, England I3554
22 Barlow, Frances Elizabeth  1881Nottinghamshire, England I10799
23 Barlow, Frances Elizabeth  1891Nottinghamshire, England I10799
24 Barlow, Henry  1871Nottinghamshire, England I3555
25 Barlow, John  1871Nottinghamshire, England I4759
26 Barlow, John  1881Nottinghamshire, England I4759
27 Barlow, Lillian Mary  1891Nottinghamshire, England I6399
28 Barlow, Mary Elizabeth  1871Nottinghamshire, England I3558
29 Barlow, Rose Adeline  1891Nottinghamshire, England I4749
30 Barlow, Rose Adeline  1901Nottinghamshire, England I4749
31 Barlow, Sulphia (Zilpah) Annie  1891Nottinghamshire, England I6331
32 Barlow, Sulphia (Zilpah) Annie  1901Nottinghamshire, England I6331
33 Barlow, William Charles  1871Nottinghamshire, England I3559
34 Beech, Anne Laura  1939Nottinghamshire, England I10566
35 Berridge, Alice Esther  1891Nottinghamshire, England I2967
36 Birington, Mary  1861Nottinghamshire, England I8314
37 Boyson, Thomas William  1939Nottinghamshire, England I5298
38 Bradley, Benjamin  1891Nottinghamshire, England I8021
39 Bradley, Benjamin  1891Nottinghamshire, England I6684
40 Bradley, Charles Alderman  1891Nottinghamshire, England I814
41 Bradley, Mary Ann Doggett  1891Nottinghamshire, England I7580
42 Brewin, Edward  1891Nottinghamshire, England I8998
43 Brewin, Evelyn M  1891Nottinghamshire, England I9000
44 Brewin, Everitt  1891Nottinghamshire, England I8996
45 Brewin, Gertrude  1891Nottinghamshire, England I2071
46 Brewin, Gertrude  1922Nottinghamshire, England I2071
47 Brewin, Harold  1891Nottinghamshire, England I7434
48 Brewin, Percy E  1891Nottinghamshire, England I9001
49 Brindley, Barbara Doreen  1939Nottinghamshire, England I6293
50 Brindley, Oliver Frank  1962Nottinghamshire, England I10569

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